Yellowstone Wildlife
Wildlife Encounters in Yellowstone

Wildlife Encounters in Yellowstone. Playing it Safe.

Wildlife is a major attraction for many tourists visiting Yellowstone National Park and there are certain rules and precautions that must be observed when you encounter wild animals while backpacking or hiking. First, always respect their personal space and give wildlife plenty of room, especially during mating season or when newborn young are present. Grizzlies and other larger mammals will aggressively protect their young and can attack without warning if they feel threatened and while it may be tempting to get closer for a better look or a better photograph it's not worth the risk.

During the winter months it's even more important to minimize your interaction and impact on wild animals. Winters in Yellowstone are extremely harsh and most animals are relying heavily on their stored food reserves to make it through the winter. Finding food during the winter is much more difficult for them and they will burn unnecessary calories to escape any perceived threat. Their survival will depend on your actions.

• Do not feed wildlife. Feeding animals alters their natural behavior.
• Remain 100 yards from all bears especially those with cubs.
• Remain 25 yards from larger mammals like moose, bison, elk and deer.
• Avoid close encounters with animals and their newborn offspring.
• Do not chase or intentionally disturb animals.

For information on bears and avoiding conflicts with bears in Yellowstone please visit the following link: Yellowstone Bears

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