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Yellowstone Books & Field Guides

The following books are on our must read list for anyone planning a visit to Yellowstone. These books cover a wide range of topics and will give you a complete understanding of how the park has been shaped and influenced by geological forces as well as the presence of mankind.

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Yellowstone History

The Yellowstone Story

The Yellowstone Story: A History of Our First National Park: Volume 1
Author: Aubrey L. Haines
Available as a paperback
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Aubrey Haines was Yellowstone's first historian and his two-volume set is one of the most comprehensive narratives written about the park's unique history. He is also credited with preserving a great deal of Yellowstone's historical memorabilia, including; books, maps, letters, manuscripts and photographs.

Yellowstone Geology

Windows Into the Earth

Windows Into The Earth:
The Geologic Story of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

Authors: Robert B. Smith and Lee J. Siegel
Available as a paperback
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Windows Into The Earth is one of the most comprehensive publications pertaining to the geology of Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons. The book provides and in-depth look at these two regions and contains numerous diagrams along with beautiful imagery that helps to fully illustrate the processes that are at work within these two national parks. The book also contains a driving/walking tour for each national park.

Roadside Geology of the Yellowstone Country

Roadside Geology of the Yellowstone Country
Author: William J. Fritz
Available as a paperback
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The chapters in Roadside Geology of the Yellowstone Country are broken into what are called 'roadguides'. Each section contains very detailed information about rock types and land formations you will encounter as you travel the roads within the park and surrounding areas. Black and white photos and simplified illustrations provide useful visuals that connect the text to each of the geographic location and features visible along the way.

Field Guides

Field Guide to the Rocky Mountain States

National Audubon Society Field Guide to the Rocky Mountain States
Authors: Peter Alden and John Grassy
Available as a paperback
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This field guide covers a much broader area and is a great reference book for identifying the many species of insects, plant life, wildlife and waterfowl that inhabit the rocky mountain west. This book is a valuable resource if you plan to visit other national parks located in the mountain states of the western U.S.

Miscellaneous Books

Lost in My Own Backyard

Lost in My Own Backyard: A Walk in Yellowstone National Park
Author: Tim Cahill
Available as a hardcover
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Tim Cahill is a local writer and the founding editor of Outside magazine. He currently lives in Livingston, Montana and his book Lost in My Backyard contains a variety of entertaining short stories from his exploits within the park. This is a wonderful travelogue for anyone looking for an enjoyable and offbeat perspective of the park.

Mountaineering Freedom of the Hills

Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills - 9th Edition
Authors: The Mountaineers
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While you may not think of this as a practical guide for hiking or backpacking in Yellowstone, The Freedom of the Hills does contain some very useful information regarding backcountry travel, first-aid, outdoor survival tips, mountain weather and much more. This is a useful book for improving your backcountry travel skills.

The Light of Spring

The Light of Spring: The Seasons of Yellowstone
Author: Tom Murphy - Photographer
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Tom Murphy is synonymous with Yellowstone and photography. His books are a true inspiration and they reflect his dedication to the art of photography. This series of books (there are 4 total) is the culmination of his years spent traveling in the backountry of Yellowstone.

Ranger Doug's Historical Posters
Posters, Postcards, Decals & Note Cards
Poster Price: $45.00 reprint

These beautiful hand painted posters were part of the National Park Series that first appeared in the late 1930's and early 1940's under the Work Projects Administration (WPA) initiated by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They have been carefully restored from old black and white photographs by Doug Leen (a.k.a Ranger Doug) and represent just a fraction of the artistic works completed during this depression-era cultural initiative. There are more than 40 reproductions available as prints (13 1/2" w X 18 1/2" h), postcards and note cards.

Purchase these Reproductions Online from Ranger Doug's Enterprises

Yellowstone DVD's

Above Yellowstone

Above Yellowstone
Sam Tyler (Producer)
Narrated by Tim Mattheson
Available on DVD or Blu-Ray Disc

This is a stunning aerial tour of Yellowstone that should be in everyone's DVD collection. Narrated by actor Tim Matheson, this video provides a one-of-a-kind prespective on all your favorite locations within the park. The film also provides viewers with information on the park's geology, history and wildife

Yellowstone Battle for Life

Yellowstone: Battle For Life
BBC - Narrated by Peter Firth
Available on DVD or Blu-Ray Disc

This is a captivating 3-part series developed by the BBC that takes an in-depth look at what it takes for wildlife to survive in a place where winter often lasts for several months. The footage is absolutely breathtaking and it shows a side of Yellowstone rarely seen by most visitors.

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