Backcountry Food Storage Safety
Backcountry Cooking & Food Storage Regulations

Yellowstone Backcountry Cooking & Food Storage Safety

In the backcountry of Yellowstone most campsites have a food-storage pole and fire pit. This is where you should set up your camp kitchen during your stay. Never store food, toiletries, sunscreen or lip balm inside your tent. Water bottles containing energy drinks should be hung with all other food as well.

Before you hit the trail pack your food carefully inside plastic bags. Placing individual food items inside Ziplock baggies helps keep food organized and provides a convenient way to store garbage as you consume your edibles. A large stuff sack with a trash bag placed inside will keep food dry and adds another barrier against odors. Keeping food smells to a minimum is the key to maintaining a safe camp.

General Food Storage Rules
• Carry 35-50 feet of paracord to hang your food.
• Small carabiners will make hanging food bags and backpacks much easier.
• Hang all food and packs at least 10 feet above the ground.
• Do not store food, toiletries or other odoriferous items in or near your tent.
• Pack out all scraps and disperse dishwater 100 yards from the campsite/tent area.
• Keep your tent at least 100 yards from the cooking area.
• Small rodents love salt and it's a good idea to hang packs that are soaked in sweat.
• Cook your food with a camp stove rather than a campfire.

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