Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Trail Map
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
UPDATE: 2017 - 2019 Canyon Area Construction Projects
Canyon Trail Closures
Due to an increase in resource damage caused by social-trails, Uncle Tom's and the South Rim trails are closed to travel.
• All areas north of South Rim Drive are closed to travel (see map below).
• The closure will likely remain in effect until construction is complete in the fall of 2019.
• Artist Point remains open. 
• The Park Service will continue to offer the Canyon Rim Walk program, with the direction rerouted downstream toward Point Sublime. 

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is a unique and awe inspiring feature carved by the waters of the majestic Yellowstone River. The canyon is approximately 24 miles in length and varies in depth from 800 ft. to 1,200 ft. There are a number of hiking trails on both the north and south rim that offer spectacular views of this incredible Yellowstone wonder.

About 600,000 years ago a massive volcanic eruption reshaped Yellowstone and this particular region was covered by the Canyon Rhyolite lava flow. Thermal features developed underneath this location and altered the composition of the rock making in very brittle and susceptible to erosion. The colorful appearance of these rocks (rhyolite) is due to a variety of iron compounds that exist in the rock which is discolored by weather. The amount of water present within the iron located in the rocks determines the different colors. The red colors along the canyon walls indicate the rock is oxidizing or rusting. The present day canyon was formed between 10,000 and 14,000 years ago and a variety of geological forces continue to shape the canyon today, including; earthquakes, erosion, water and wind.

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